Who are we?


We are often approached by organisations expressing their frustration with the fact that, despite having expensive and leading edge operational and financial systems, they are unable to produce meaningful, unambiguous, consistent and relevant information from such systems. 

BIOLAP has over 15 years’ experience in creating customised Business Insight Solutions for our clients in the Insurance, Legal and other industry sectors. 

BIOLAP has access to a best in class talent pool in the UK and Poland. Our teams use Kimball design methodology and a hybrid of Agile and Scrum project management practices and have in-depth knowledge of data warehouse design and implementation as well as reporting, data visualisation, planning and budgeting tools and techniques including OLAP, AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. We understand information requirements and how planning and reporting processes work in organisations. Our consultants have first-hand and extensive experience having worked in financial and IT environments, at operational through to board levels. As a result, we are ideally positioned to advise you on appropriate solutions and technically experienced to help you through the implementation and training phases of a Business Insight Solution project. Our long-term relationship with clients is also a testimony of our uncompromising and on-going support.


How do we work?

BIOLAP understands the financial, operational and reputational risk of embarking on a project and failing to deliver. There are after all numerous horror stories of expensive public sector IT projects failing or getting cancelled without any benefit ever derived after several years of development.

We endeavour to help de-risk the investment decisions of our clients by:

  • Initial engagement including analysis, workshops and proof of concept development and delivery
  • Project management with regular communication and transparency on progress and time incurred
  • Agile approach with short phases of development and deliverables
  • Handover of effective solution ownership to clients, assisting in testing, documentation, training and ongoing support.


Next Steps? 

If you want to know more about our Business Insight Solutions, please contact us at info@biolap.co.uk

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